In a video you see me presenting a study in the Max Euwe Centrum during the presentation of the database HHdbIV of Harold van der Heijden. GM Jan Timman gave also a lecture.

In another video I present my book De Pion (The pawn).

You may find a selection out of my more than 200 endgame studies in this PGN file.

And also see a PGN with rewarded studies in 2011.

Every week an endgame study selected by me is published at the ChessVibes site. The link to the archive is

See also an article about me from GM Lubomir Kavalek in The Huffington Post.

About studies there is a nice site about historical curiosities

65 of my problems and studies may be found also on this database:
Fill in my name and you will receive 13 pages with my compositions.
By clicking on the problem number the solution shows up.

In the above picture I am with FM Aviv Friedman checking solutions from the daily study contest in the Tata tournament.
In the picture below I am referee at the Corus study solving contest 2009.


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