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For the magazine CHESS I wrote an article about my Chess Vacation in Israel June
2011. I write about the Czerniak Memorial and the Israel championship.

Chessbase News took over an article from The Huffington Post in which GM Lubomir
Kavalek presents three of my studies.

For the HSG Open 2011 I published three of my studies.

Click for a link to the ChessVibes site for a report of the Cez Chess Trophy.
I was invited to give a lecture about studies. See also the tournament site.

Chessbase 25  Composing Tourney
To celebrate its 25th anniversary ChessBase announces a special composing tourney for
endgame studies. The tourney judge is GM Dr. John Nunn, World champion for solving.
The tourney director is Luc Palmans, chairman of ARVES.
See for more information the ChessBase site.

Click to download SBSA message nr 550 (the last issue). In it are some pictures of me
giving training in Apeldoorn, fifteen years ago and recently.

Click to download a pdf of the magazine Sachovy tydenik with studies of mine.



July 25 and 26 - 2011: I visited the Open Dutch Championship in Dieren.
In the photo GM Jan Timman analyses his game with FM Stefan Kuipers. Attending are
Thomas Beerdsen, Lars Vereggen, Nico Zwirs and tournament director Karel Verbeek.
See also the video below.


White to play.

August 8 - 2011: In Groningen august 8 started the Atlantis Schaakmeester tienkamp.
I won my first game against IM Xavier Bedouin via some sacrifices. Later I got the
brilliancy prize for this game.

August 22 - 2011: I spent the weekend in Roosendaal commentating
on Noord Brabant championship together with FM Stefan Kuipers.


August 29 - 2011: I spent the whole day in the last round of BDO
tournament in Haarlem. My pupil David Klein won the challengers
group with 7/9, scored his first IM norm and qualified the GM group
next year. On the photo see David. See also the button studies at
this site about the Chesscool studies contest where David helped
me with the presentation.

September 1 - 2011: In the annual world congress for chess composition various
composing tourneys are traditionally announced by participants from different
countries and the prizes are bottles of the traditional national drinks of the different
organizers. The 2011 congress and world championship for solving problems and studies
took place on August 21-28 in Jessi (Italy).
ARVES (the Dutch and Belgian association to promote the art of the endgame study)
annonced its 4th Jenever tourney ( no idea if old or young version of the drink...)
with the difficult theme as follows: Both Black and White promote to a Bishop.
The judges were Harold van der Heijden and Marcel van Herck.
For the final award see this file.

September 2 - 2011: Nice memory to 2002: To the request of an old friend I came
across the tournament table of my life achievement of nine years ago. I  became
champion of Paris and got my first GM-norm. Look, btw who was on place 23!

White plays and wins.

September 3 - 2011: I regularly take part in composing tourneys for endgame studies.
Here is a selection of my recently awarded studies.

In the second weekend of September I traveled with my pupil FM David Klein all the way
to Nuremberg in Germany, to take part (as usual in the last 5 years) in the 8th edition
of the LGA tournament. The organizer, my good friend GM Michael Bezold invited me
to present a selection of my endgame studies and to run a small daily solving contest.
My close friend Klaus Scherer, for many years captain of my old team from Betzdorf,
was also attending the event. As usual it was a strong and very well organized event
with excellent conditions and great atmosphere. You may find all details here:
If you like to give my 3 daily miniatures a try here they are but first hide the solution
by pressing ‘training’.
We (Klaus, David and myself) also visited the Duko Center in the city impressively
documentating the dark pages in the history of this important city in the twenties,
thirties and forties of last century. Highly instructive!

Posted: September 28 - 2011

After two years of break I will be back to editing the studies
column in leading magazine ‘The Problemist’ starting from January 2012.
See www.theproblemist.org.
I will be very glad to receive your entries (preferably by e-mail) for the 2012-2013
informal tourney whose judge will be IM Gady Costeff. Other contriburions are also
welcome anytime.
Three current events: Milu Milescu, Chessbase 25, Tata Chess and Studies day 2012.
More in the new studies calender of Iuri Akobia:

Posted: October 13 - 2011

Schaakworkshops Yochanan Afek in Utrecht

Internationaal Meester Yochanan Afek geeft vanaf 4 november 2011 een serie van vijf
schaaktrainingen in Utrecht. De nadruk in deze trainingen ligt op taktiek en eindspelen
maar de deelnemers worden aangemoedigd om zelf onderwerpen aan te dragen of eigen
partijen in te sturen die dan in de les worden besproken. Yochanan Afek spreekt
daarom liever van 'workshops' dan trainingen. Sinds 2007 geeft hij jaarlijks een serie
van vijf workshops in Utrecht.

Dit zijn de data voor het seizoen 2011/2012:

1. Vrijdag 4 november 2011
2. Vrijdag 25 november 2011
3. Vrijdag 16 december 2011
4. Vrijdag 3 februari 2012
5. Vrijdag 23 maart 2012

Hieronder puntsgewijs de belangrijkste zaken:

- De lokatie is het Rode Kruisgebouw aan de Koningsweg 2 in Utrecht.
- De workshops beginnen om 19:45 uur en zijn rond 22:30 uur afgelopen.
- De workshops zijn in het Engels. Voor mensen die moeite hebben met Engels, kan
   Yochanan de meeste schaaktermen wel vertalen
- De nadruk ligt op taktiek en eindspelen. De deelnemers kunnen partijen insturen.
   Yochanan bekijkt die van tevoren en analyseert er enkele in de workshop.
- De deelnemers kunnen onderwerpen aanleveren die ze graag behandeld zouden zien.
- Er is geen rating-grens voor de deelnemers. Er wordt rekening gehouden met schakers
  van uiteenlopende sterkte.
- Je krijgt 'huiswerk' mee.
- De kosten zijn 50 euro voor het 'totale pakket' van 5 trainingen.

Als je interesse hebt om mee te doen, of nog meer informatie nodig hebt, laat het s.v.p.
weten aan de organisator van deze workshops,
Jeroen Bollaart, e-mail adres: Jeroen.Bollaart[apestaartje]tiscali[punt]nl .

Posted: October 13 - 2011


ARVES 4th Theme Tourney

In the annual world's congress of chess composition (Jesi, Italy) at the end of last
summer, a theme tourney was organized by ARVES (The 4th Jenever tourney)
for studies showing Bishop underpromotions by both black and white. The judges
were Harold van der Heijden and Marcel van Herck. See PGN file for the results.
On October 2-9 I played in the first Oslo International Open Tournament. Not too
well but the comeback of GM Matthew Sadler was amazing. My pupils FM David Klein
and Tom Meurs (who are both having an extensive chess year!) and my teammate in
Wageningen FM Sander van Eijk played too as well as the young and talented Israeli
Ims Danny Raznikov and Gil Popilsky.
You may find all details here: http://bergensjakk.no/oslointernational
As an accompanying event I gave a presentation of my recent selected endgame
studies. My report on the tournament will appear soon in the British monthly magazine
We will all continue our October chess journey to the town of Hoogeveen to take part
in the Unive tournament (14th-22nd).This traditional event is one of my favorites and
I have been trying not to miss any of its editions. As it happened in the last two years
too I have composed a special original study dedicated to the event which you will
soon be able to find (and solve), with other tournament details via www.univechess.nl
Our dedicated webmaster, my close friend and legendary chess organizer Karel van
Delft will be there too.

Posted: October 13 - 2011

Training Joesoepov Schaak Genootschap

Sunday December 18 I will have a training in Apeldoorn with the ten members of the
Joesoepov Schaak Genootschap (Yusupov Chess Society). This is an informal group of
amateur chess players who train six sundayafternoons a year with (grand)masters.
The group is named after GM Artur Yusupov who cooperates with coordinator Karel van
Delft for many years. Yusupov will be of course one of the trainers. More information
you find on www.schaaktalent.nl
At the bottom of this article about the society you find two links to extended videos of
Xedes Engelen in English about Yusupov explaining parents about talent development
of young chess players.

Posted: October 15 - 2011

For the Univé Schaaktoernooi I made a special study.
I also play in this tournament.

Posted: October 15 - 2011

Las jugadas invisibles

The book The Invisible Moves is now also translated in Spanish.

Posted: October 24 - 2011

Wij presenteren De Toren

Dit boek is het tweede in een serie, die ik samen met IM Hans Böhm schrijf.
Eerder verscheen De Pion.
Het boek wordt uitgegeven door Tirion Sport.
ISBN 978 90 4390 067 6, 144 blz., prijs € 17,95

Over het boek:

Wij presenteren de toren is het tweede deel in de serie Wij presenteren… Eerder
verscheen het deel over de pion. De toren is een sterk stuk, rechttoe, rechtaan.
Eenmaal in zijn element kan hij ieder ander stuk domineren. Ondanks de rechtlijnigheid
is de toren ook lichtvoetig als dat beter uitkomt. Aan de hand van historische
achtergronden, spelsituaties en probleemstellingen worden de 60 thema’s –aanvallend
en verdedigend – besproken. Ook worden bijzondere partijen beschreven waarin de
toren een beslissende rol speelde.

Er komen nog enkele boekpresentaties, nader bericht volgt.

Posted: October 24 - 2011

Iranian GM refuses to play Israeli player in Corsica

There was a new mini-scandel evolving an Iranian GM refusal to show up against an
Israeli player in Corsica circuit ending up in the Iranian exclusion from the tournament.
Having quite some experience in such situations I was asked for my opinion.
See here.

Posted: October 25 - 2011

Book presentations ‘De Toren’

With coauthor IM Hans Böhm on november 17 I will in the evening present our book
‘De Toren’ (= the rook) at Van Stockum, an important bookstore in Den Haag.
An announcement is published on their site.

Saturday november 5 I will present the book at the Max Euwe Centrum in Amsterdam.
See this link.

Posted: November 2 - 2011

Politicians promote book ‘De Toren’

Today there is a photo in national paper De Telegraaf of Hans Böhm and myself with
three presidents of the Max Euwe Centrum holding a copy of De Toren each under het
Torentje in Het Binnenhof (Den Haag).

Posted: November 9 - 2011


Last weekend (November 10th-13th) I took part again in Leuven open tournament.
The results can be found here.
Following a rather slow start (1.5 /3) I scored 4 consecutive wins to share the third
I also introduced my new co-books to my Belgian chessfriends and they were well

Posted: November 17 - 2011


Free lecture at Van Stockum Thursday november 17

See for the document here.

Posted: November 17 - 2011




Kavalek Huffington Post

GM Lubomir Kavalek paid attention to my studies in his column in the Huffington Post.

Posted: November 20 - 2011


Great slideshow Assaf Feller

See for a collection of great works of art via this link.
Or download it here.
With regards to Assaf Feller.

Posted: November 20 - 2011

De Toren bij het Torentje

IMs Hans Bohm and Yochanan Afek present the first copies of their new book De Toren
(The Rook, second to De Pion in the series on chess pieces published by Fontein/ Tirion)
to three Dutch politicians who are also chess enthusiasts and were all chairmen of the
Max Euwe Center in Amsterdam. From left to right: Fred Teeven (secretary of state for
security and justice), Jan Nagel (member of the first chamber 50 plus party) and Eric
Smaling (member of the first chamber Socialist party). The photo was taken in front of
the prime-minister office (het Torentje) in Den Haag.
Photo: Credit to Serge Ligtenberg from De Telegraaf.

Posted: November 20 - 2011

Book review De Toren by Frank Clevers
Click on his name to see a nice book review about De Toren by Frank Clevers.

Posted: November 24 - 2011

Interview with GM Matthew Sadler

See my chess journalist page for a link to my interview with GM Matthew Sadler about
his victory in Oslo, participation in Tata 2012 and more..
The article contains also some analyses.

Posted: December 1 - 2011

Second IM norm David Klein
My pupil David Klein scored his second IM norm in the cultural village tornament in Wijk
aan Zee that ended yesterday.
He scored his first norm winning the BDO challengers in Haarlem last August.
Well done David!
Look for details here
and here:

Posted: December 1 - 2011

Review Hut about book De Toren
Johan Hut wrote a review about the book De Toren.
IM Hans Böhm will give a lecture about the book in Arnhem, organized by the local
Clubs De Toren and ASV Friday December 2.

Posted: December 1 - 2011

Match GM Jan Timman - IM Sander van Eijk  december 2 and 3
In the library of Wageningen GM Jan Timman and IM Sander van Eijk will play a
match of four games on december 2 and 3.
Each day they play one normal game and a rapid game.
The event is organized to celebrate the 60th birthday of GM Jan Timman and the
IM title of Sander van Eijk.
Both are my teammates in Wageningen club, the club which organizes the match.
With Bert Torn I will give commentary for the public. See the site.  

Posted: December 1 - 2011

London Chess Classic

I am currently visiting the 3rd edition of London Chess Classic in Kensington/ Olympia.
The crown group with the world's and England's best players is naturally the main
attraction yet the Open Fide tournament in which I take part is pretty strong too.
I was also invited for the third time to compose an original endgame study which you
may find here with all other details about this super-event:

Posted: December 4 -2001

Study LCC published in Britisch Daily Telegraph

My official study for the LCC was published last weekend in the British Daily Telegraph
and is also given with the full solution in This week in Chess. Look it up here:

Posted: December 6 - 2011

Groningen Tournament

At the moment I play the Groningen Chess Tournament.
See www.schaakstadgroningen.nl
You may also give it a try solving the daily Afek's brainteasers and even win a prize.

Posted: December 22 - 2011


Lecture Joesoepov Schaak Genootschap

December 18 in Apeldoorn I gave a lecture to the Joesoepov Schaak Genootschap
(Yusupov Chess Society). It is a group of twelve chess amateurs who train six times
a year with (grand)masters. One of the other trainers is of course GM Artur Yusupov.
On the site www.schaaktalent.nl of organizer Karel van Delft you can find a article
about the training with a video of parts of the training (in english). Also you find a link
to the Polish Immortal Game of Miguel Najdorf which we discussed. During these
trainings two games of participants are discussed. On the picture you see me with
Jacques van Gelder.

Posted: December 22 - 2011

Endgame study London Chess Classic

December 18th: Frederic Friedel has published an aricle in chessbase.com telling about
the people he met during the London Chess Classic super-tournament . Here it is:
At the end you may find my official endgame study dedicated to the event and its

Posted: December 22 - 2011

Column Hans Böhm

Hans Bohm's column in De Telegraaf from December 3rd was reprinted at
www.schaaksite.nl:   http://schaaksite.nl/page.php?id=3613

Posted: December 29 - 2011

International Solving Championship Wijk aan Zee 2012

See the announcement of the International solving championship in Wijk aan Zee.

Posted: December 29 - 2011

Report about Univé in CHESS
My report of Unive tournament in Hoogeveen was published in December
issue of the English monthly CHESS. See the link.

Posted: januari 3 -2012

Invisible Chess Moves candidate for  ‘The Book of the Year 2011’

The website www.chesscafe.com has just started the voting for The Book of the Year
2011 and my book (together with co-author Emmanuel Neiman) Invisible Chess Moves
(published by New In Chess with French and Spanish versions) is a candidate too.
More about the book: http://www.newinchess.com/Invisible_Chess_Moves-p-960.html
If you think the book deserves to be among the finalists you may help us by voting in
the preliminaries. It's rather simple and shouldn't last more than two minutes:
There is one vote for each computer however if you wish to add more supporters we
will not protest...
The preliminary voting will end on January 15th but why to postpone it?
I appreciate your collaboration and wish you a healthy and most successful new year.

See also  http://www.schakers.info/?p=2912

Thanks and regards


Tata Steel 2012

The program of the world's most important chess festival includes various composition
events. in the last weekend of the month 2 major solving contests will take place:
the 3rd Studies Day on Saturday 28th (chief arbiter: Luc Palmans) and The Dutch
branch of the ISC on Sunday 29th (chief arbiter: Peter Bakker). Among the prominent
participants are former world solving champions John Nunn and Piotr Murdzia, the
WCCI studies champion Oleg Pervakov and the Dutch champion Dolf Wissmann.
Among over the board players taking part are Dutch GM Daniel Stellwagen, Rumanian
WGM Alina l’Ami and several IMs.
There are still a few places for new entries:for the studies day: afek26@gmail.com
and for ISC: jc.uitenbroek@rotterdam.nl
The daily twomover challengers attract hundreds of solvers in the venue as well as
Last but not least-the traditional special challenge:
The official study of the tournament.
All to be found on the official website:
To your enjoyment!

Posted: Januar 2011

Book of the Year- one last effort please!
Thanks to your kind support our book Invisible Chess Moves has made it to the final round of the
chesscafe Book of the Year award 2011!!
We are very grateful to each and everyone and kindly ask you for just one last decisive effort by
voting once again for your favorite chess book of the year here:
You can also simply send an e-mail to info@chesscafe.com with the name of the book you vote for.
The closing date is Sunday January 29th 2012, however experience shows that it is better not to
postpone it to the last moment... It shouldn't take more than two minutes of your time.
Every vote might prove the decisive one!
Please vote now! together we can do it again!
The book receives great support from the chess community. See for example:
and here: http://schaaksite.nl/page.php?al=verkiezing-boek-van-het-jaar






With arbiter Luc Palmans during
Studies solving day.
Photo Harold van der Heijden.

Solution Tata Steel Challenge 2012

Click here for the solution.

Posted: January 29 - 2012

David Klein wins the 3rd Studies Solving at Tata 2012 - by Yochanan Afek

The third Tata Steel studies solving competition witnessed yesterday once again a
sensational  success of the younger Dutch participants who won the top honours,
leaving behind experienced  solvers among which were two former world and Dutch
solving champions.

The event, jointly organized by Tata steel Chess and ARVES (The Dutch-Belgian society
promoting the art of the endgame-study), took place in hotel Zeeduin in Wijk aan Zee
with 26 solvers from 8 countries. They had to crack in 3 hours 9 original studies which
were especially composed by  Jan Timman, Yochanan Afek and 11- years -old Jorden
van Foreest.

The winner was 18 years old debutant FM David Klein from the town of Heemstede
ahead of IM Joost Michielsen (25). They were followed by the English GM John Nunn,
3 times former world champion and the winner of last year edition, Russian GM Oleg
Pervakov who is considered the world’s best contemporary studies composer and Polish
GM Piotr Murdzia, 5 times former solving world champion. Sixth was young Dutch IM
Twan Burg , the winner of the first edition, one point ahead of Dutch GM Daniel

Chief arbiter was Luc Palmans assisted by Ward Stoffelen both from Belgium.
Dolf Vos, chairman of the organizing committee of Tata Steel tournament greeted the
participants and awarded the prizes in the closing ceremony.

Here are the final standings: 1. David Klein 32 (out of 45); 2.joost Michielsen 30;
3. John Nunn (England) 29; 4-5. Oleg Pervakov (Russia) and Piotr Murdzia (Poland) 29
each (Nunn consumed 5 minutes less); 6. Twan Burg 28; 7. Daniel Stellwagen 27; 8-9.
Marcel van Herck (Belgium) and Piet Peelen 25 each; 10-11. Alina Lámi (Romania) and
Caspar Bates (England) 23 each; 12.Wouter van Rijn 21; 13-14. Dolf Wissmann and
Tom Meurs 21 each; 15.Antti Parkkinen (Finland) 19; 16. Willem van Briemen 17;
17.René Olthof 15; 18.Jan Balje 14; 19-20. Hans Uitenbroek and Andre Kalinin (Latvia);
21.Harold vd Heijden 11; 22.Evgeny Kopilov 11; 23.Bert vd Marel 10; 24. Dennis van
Leusden 9; 25.Roel de Jong 7; 26.Eric Spoor 1.

Posted: January 29 - 2012

Invincible Chess book

Our book Invisible Chess Moves published by New In Chess has just won the
Chesscafe Book of the Year Award 2011.


We are glad that the qualities of the book were indeed visible to so many supporters!
Thank you all for your wonderful support!
Yochanan and Emmanuel
See also www.chessdom.com

Posted: Februar 1 - 2012

Two recently awarded studies and a great link

Here are two of my studies to be awarded in recent tourneys.
And here is a beautiful French website combining arts and chess.
Indeed, isn't chess composition a fine art?

Posted:  Februar 2 - 2012

Georgian composing tournament, Chessbase article, New book Avni

A strong thematic composing tourney for endgame studies was held in Georgia.
The theme required reciprocal zugzwang with more than six pieces.
Here is the preliminary award:
http://akobia.geoweb.ge/_pages/OtherAward/PDF/GeoIntTemTy_2011.pdf and in PGN
My article about Invisible moves in Tata Steel grandmaster tournaments last month
was published this week in a leading website:
I would like to recommend to you a highly entertaining new book of Amatzia Avni.
His best and most original so far! Look here:
and get a copy now! Hours of pure pleasure are guaranteed.

Posted: Februar 12 - 2012

Children chess in Rishon Lezion

See my article  with video on Chessbase about children chess in Israel:

Posted: March 19 - 2012

Book review ICM on Chesscafe

Steve Goldberg writes about Invisible Chess Moves on the site of Chesscafe.

Posted: March 23 - 2012


My best study ?!

I was just 20 when this one was first published and it is still considered by quite a few
as my best.effort ever:  http://stevegiddinschessblog.wordpress.com/page/8/
The rest 40 years I have been surviving by the hope that my best is yet to come.
In fact, who doesn't?

Posted: March 23 - 2012

SchaakMind training

For Dutch speaking chess friends. See the site www.schaaktalent.nl under the button
Schaakcircus/SchaakMind for information about the training SchaakMind.
In this training former Dutch women champion and mental coach WIM Anne-Marie
Benschop together with youth trainer and psychologist Karel van Delft combine
chesstechnical and mental training. See for a video (13 minutes) of the first training:
Guest trainer was the 13 year old Thomas Beerdsen (17 Dutch national titles). Among
his first trainers were IM Merijn van Delft, IM Yochanan Afek and Karel van Delft.

Karel van Delft will publish in two weeks is new book ‘Het zeventiende schaakstuk’
(The seventeenth chess pieces) with 22 articles about psychologie and chess.

Posted: March 26 - 2012


In Nunspeet (Photo René Olthof)

Nunspeet, Klein and Kavelek

Yesterday I took part in the Open studies solving championship in Nunspeet.
Here is the report on www.schaaksite.nl  with text, results and more photo’s.
My pupil David Klein is doing excellently half way in the European individual
championship  in Plovdiv (Bulgaria):  
Today is a rest day and hopefully the second half will be at least as successful!
GM Kavalek quotes from Invisible Chess Moves. See here in The Huffington Post
and further refers to the book today on Chessbase at the end of his article.
And there were two customers reviews in Amazon.com:
Posted: March 26 - 2012


Het zeventiende schaakstuk

Karel van Delft published in Dutch a new book ‘Het zeventiende schaakstuk’  
(the seventeenth chess piece). It contains 22 articles about chess psychology.
More nformation and a preview, see www.schaaktalent.nl.

Posted: April 15 - 2012


Invisible Moves in Farsi!

Invisible Chess Moves (Neiman & Afek) Chesscafe Book of the Year 2011 is still going
strong! We have received from the publisher (New In Chess) the surprising Farsi
translation made recently in Iran (see photo). A Russian translation expected shortly
will make it 5 languages already! The best news however is that the English version is
reprinted now and will be available soon. Readers' corrections (there were not too
many...) and comments were inserted.
My co-author Emmanuel Neiman published a lovely article in the French monthly Europe
Posted: April 15 - 2012

Celebrating with David

Friday April 6 the Chesscool club in Haarlem paid tribute to its player and my pupil
David Klein following his remarkable success in the individual championship of Europe
last month. David scored there his final IM norm but at the same time a double GM
norm! David was invited to present a selection of his games in Plovdiv where all his 11
opponents were GMs of +- 2600 strength, but found himself in a crowded festivity
with family and chessfriends. You may find more about this event (in Dutch though)
with photos and a video on the club's official website:
http://www.chesscool.nl/nieuws.asp?id=128 and here:
David's team Kennemer Combinatie has already secured its promotion to the premier
division of the Dutch team competition (Meesterklasse) but will still meet in the last
round (Saturday April 21st) my team from Wageningen ranked second in the second
division (group B) see all details here:

Posted: April 15 - 2012


Bournemouth 2012

I spent the last weekend in Bournemouth in the annual meeting of the British Chess
Problem Society spending there a highly enjoyable 60th anniversary.
I was invited to give a lecture presenting some highlights from my life long composing
career accompanied by various anecdots.
The feedback was favourable.
Here are the ten studies I included in that presentation.

Posted: April 20 - 2012


Zabunov theme

The study I had dedicated to my good friend  Karel van Delft  on the occasion of his
50th anniversary some five years ago has recently attracted the attention of the
Bulgarian composer Dyian Kostadinov, especially its presentation on youtube video.
He found it an interesting example of the Zabunov theme to which he has devoted
profound research over the years. You may read the story, watch the video and see
a lot more about chess composition in general here:

Posted: April 20 - 2012

New Composing Awards

Two of my studies were honoured recently with prizes in composing tourneys:
The first Georgian Theme Internet Tourney required reciprocal zugzwangs with more
than six pieces and attracted strong participation. Here is the definitive judge's award
in pdf (English) and pgn formats.
Here are the results of an Ukrainian tourney in pdf (Russian).
These awards and a lot more can be viewed in the excellent website of the leading
Georgian composer Iuri Akobia: http://akobia.geoweb.ge/

Posted: April 30 -2012

Chessbase 25 composing tourney

The German company Chessbase celebrated last year its 25th anniversary. Frederic
Friedel, editor of chessbase.com gladly adopted my proposal to celebrate the event by
organizing a special composing tourney for endgame studies.
There were 73 entries submitted to this successful event that was skillfully directed by
Luc Palmans and judged by GM Dr. John Nunn.
You may see the first part of the instructive judge's award here:

Posted: April 30 - 2012

Lezing ‘SchaakMind’ en simultaan door Karel van Delft en Thomas Beerdsen

Zondag 17 juni geven Thomas Beerdsen en Karel van Delft een lezing 'SchaakMind:
beter trainen, beter schaken'.
Locatie: Denksportcentrum Apeldoorn, Dubbelbeek 24. De lezing over praktische
schaakpsychologie duurt van 13.00 - 15.00 uur (met pauze) en is gratis toegankelijk
voor wie het boek 'Het zeventiende schaakstuk' koopt of heeft gekocht.
Aansluitend aan de lezing geeft Thomas Beerdsen een simultaan en Karel van Delft
beantwoordt informeel vragen.
Vanwege een paar praktische kwesties is het wenselijk om je vooraf per email aan te
melden via karel@kvdc.nl.
Dat geldt ook voor deelname aan de simultaan, de eerste 20 mensen die zich hiervoor
aanmelden kunnen meedoen.
Zie ook www.schaaktalent.nl

Posted May 1 - 2012


Invisible Chess Moves
More good news about the Chesscafe book of the Year:
A second edition of this successful book has been just printed and is available again:

Posted: May 15 - 2012

ARVES awards
Two awards of thematic memorial tourneys were In April issue of EG the quarterly for
endgame studies of ARVES:
Mark Liburkin -100 MT
and Saja Kozlowski -100 MT
More about ARVES activities see here:
You may find the pgn files of all the afforementioned awards and much more in Iuri
Akobia's excellent website http://akobia.geoweb.ge/other_awards.html

Chessbase-25 composing tourney
Three more parts of Chessbase-25 jubilee composing tourney judges by GM John Nunn
were published:

News from the endgame studies arena:

Tata Steel -75 jubilee composing tourney
To celebrate the 75th edition of the super tournament a composing tourney for
endame studies has just been announced.






Sharing first in Bussum

Last weekend the Pinkster festivity was celebrated in the Netherlands and I took part
again in the traditional Pinkster tournament organized by the local BSG club. I was in
a fairly good form and lucky enough to share the first place with my pupil FM (in fact
already an IM) David Klein and the amiable Indian GM Sundararajan Kidambi on
5.5/7 each. All results of the A group may be found her
and with the exception of the last round most games can be seen in the PGN file.
David also won the spectators prize for his beautiful short victory in round four against
My former pupil in Apeldoorn Thomas Beerdsen (13) did also very well scoring 5/7 to
share the fourth prize.

Posted May 30 - 2012

A Lecture in Prague

I was invited to attend the match David Navara vs. Peter Svidler on 19-24 June
and to give a lecture on Tactical Rook Endings. All details are here .

Posted May 30 - 2012


New club in Germany

Next season I will move to a new club in the german team championship:
Castrop Rauxel 1923 playing in the NRW league joining, among others my teammate
in my Dutch club of Wageningen IM Sander van Eijk. More to be found here
(in German):
I hope to play there more games than I did in the last 2 seasons.

Posted June 14 - 2012

Rheinland-Pfalz Open 2012

Last long weekend I took part in the 7 rounds (in 4 days) 4th open tournament of
Rheinland - Pfaltz in Germany (7-10 June). 200 players of all ages and levels took part
in one group and the event was very well organized. I was hosted by good old friends
Klaus & Adelheid Scherer in Betzdorf -my old club in the oberliga. It was quite tough
and tiring as I had 3 GMs among my opponents. I was lucky to beat the Georgian GM
Sanikidze but lost quite reasionable games to GMs Dervishi (Albania) and Kravtsiv
(Ukraine) after blundering away rather holdable positions.Between the games I still
managed to complete 2 new endgame studies, that#s perhaps thanks to the fact
that my 5th round opponent failed to show up.
My final result 4.5 out of 7 was good enough for...the second seniors prize ( yes, I
became a chess senior some 2 months ago). You may find all details and results here
Tomorrow I will travel with Klaus to Luxemburg to take part (just like almost every
year) in the 19th edition traditional Echternach Open (16-17 June). All details to be
found here:

Photo credit  to Anezhka Kruzhikova.

The Czech Chess Trophy

The Czech capital hosted once again a friendly 4 games match between the No.1
Czech player David Navara and a world class grandmaster, this time 6- times Russian
champion Peter Svidler. It was a fighting match to the enjoyment of the enthusiastic
audience which was concluded in Svidler's victory 3:1. The event was accompanied by
live commentary given of GMs Robert Cvek and Jan Markos.The two played also a
simutanous exhibition: Svidler beat all his 22 rivals in a normal simul while Navara won
3:1 in a clock simul against 4 young players. Before the games special lectures were
The Icelandic IA Einar Einarsson told about the last years of Bobby Fischer in Iceland
while yours truly demonstrated tactical rook endings in classical games as well as in
chess composition. The event was superbly organized again by the tireless chess
promoteur, editor and publisher Pavel Matocha in Malostranska Square in the heart of
Prague, just a few steps away of the famous Charles Bridge. There were special
memorial presentations A special cancellation was issued and a philatelic presentation
by FM Bretislav Modr showed highlights from Pague 1931 and Buenos-Aires 1939

You may find big pictorial coverage of this lovely event on the leading websites:
as well as on the official website:
and it's large photogallery.

Posted: June 25 - 2012