Even more study awards

Two of my studies were dedicated in the year 2012 to two major tournaments in the Netherlands and later took part in the biennial tourney of the quarterly EG where they were both awarded by the judge Oleg Pervakov. The following study won a special prize for a miniature.


1. a7 Rh4+ 2.Bg4!! Rxg4+ 3.Kf5!

The only move whilst 3.Kf3? Rc4!! 4. a8Q+ Kf7 5.Qb7+ Kf6! 6.Qb5 Nc6!! 7. Ke3 Ne5 is just a draw!

 3...Rf4+! 4. Kxf4 Nd5+ 5.Ke5 Nb6!

Or: 5...Nc7 6.c4! Kf7 7.Kd6 Na8 8.Kd7! Kf6 9.c5+-

 6. Kd6!!

The point! Not 6.c4? Kf7 7.Kd6 Ke8 8.Kc7 Na8+ 9.Kc8 Ke7=

 6...Nc8+ 7.Kc7 Nxa7 8.c4! Kf7 9.Kb7 Ke6 10.Kxa7 Kd6 11.Kb6 1–0

This study was initially dedicated to Tata steel tournament 2012.

The judge: "This is a pleasant miniature with mutual sacrifices and a precise withdrawal of the WK 3.Kf5"



1.    Ka3!

This choice of square will become apparent on the ...last move.

1... bxa5

Or 1...h1Q 2.Re1+ Kg2 3.Rxh1 Kxh1 4.Bxb6 etc.

2.Rf8+ Kg2 3.Rg8+ Kf3 4.Rf8+ Ke2 5.Re8+ Kd2 6.Rd8+ Kc2 7.Rc8+ Kb1 8.Rb8+ Ka1 9.Rd8! h1Q

 9...h1R 10.Rd3! is a theoretical draw. 

10. Rd1+! Qxd1 stalemate!

This study was initially dedicated to the Dutch open tournament in Dieren 2012.

The judge: "This is commended for the clever move 1.Ka3" 

Posted: November 2 - 204

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