Another successful weekend for my teams

Wageningen VLG Advocaten, my team for the last 12 seasons, continues to surprise in the Eerste klasse (which is in fact the second Dutch division after the Meesterklasse).Last Saturday, in the sixth round, we met the first team of the biggest club in the Netherlands- Caissa Amsterdam. Residing in the Dutch capital myself, it was for me a rare “home match” since the majority of our matches against Amsterdam teams over the years, have been real home matches and thus were mostly held in the Vredehorst in Wageningen.
Unfortunately Jan blundered on the first board in an early stage but the rest managed to make the unpredictable and scoring eventually the highest result this season: 7:3!  


Right after the game my teammates were heading to a fine restaurant to celebrate the victory (a wild intuitive guess: it was a Chinese for a change…) while I was heading to the central station for a long trip to Bielefeld in Germany. As usual I spent the night in a local hotel to join my German teammates from the club of Castrop- Rauxel 1923 in the morning. Officially there are not less than 6 Dutch masters in the team but yesterday I was the only available one (If I may be considered Dutch for that matter) therefore I was upgraded to board 1. In the absence of the Dutch players, what would you figure was the dominating language before the match? Obviously German, right? Wrong! Russian is still the main European chess language. In a way felt at home without understanding much though…
 My debut on the top board was not as successful and I lost to the strong Bielefelder Werner Malcher after blundering an important pawn somewhere in the middlegame. When I left the venue on my way back to Amsterdam things looked really bad and it seemed that just a miracle would save us. Back home I did what I often do after losing badly: I composed an endgame study (to feel that a bit less worthless) and went to bed. This morning I received a surprising mail from our captain Uwe Gräbe telling that the team won 4.5: 3.5! Uwe said we probably had some luck too. Some luck? I guess we did.

Posted: Februar 17 - 2013

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